about me..^^

helloww world..

i’m just creating my tumblr, i hope i could write about my life or about everything here..

let me introduce myself first..

my name?it’s not that important, u can call me with everything u want..

about me?yeah..i’m just a girl..a blessed girl..bcoz i have HIM..my lovely Jesus..

i’m a lucky girl..bcoz i have a great family..although each of them have their own weaknesses..but I am still thankful that I have them..^^

and i’m a lucky girl coz i have my lovely boyfriend..fredy haryanto..yeah, thx 4 ur understanding, thx 4 always beside me, even in my worst condition..:’) u’re the best syg..love u..:* 

actually i’m just a girl who still survive to be a woman..a strong woman..though it’s not an easy process,but i’ll always try..:)

okayy..itu sekilas about myself..cu at my next post..(^.^)v